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The 21st century has brought many opportunities and challenges for our youth.

Excellence is the rule, rather than the exception at Beaconhouse and as a result the number of students we teach continues to grow. In addition, the excellent level of success that these students have in obtaining university acceptance is consistently strong year after year.

Over the 12 years we have been teaching, we have watched our knowledge-based society put more and more pressure and expectations on students. The 21st century has brought many opportunities and challenges for our youth. Still, one of the surest routes to success has always been for students to obtain the best possible education - preparing them for the tough choices of the future.

Recently, the Ontario Ministry of Education has updated the high school curriculum in an attempt to make the Ontario High School Diploma (OSSD) much more relevant and in line with the challenges of modern times. Here at Beaconhouse, our philosophy reflects these same high standards of development for today's youth as they prepare to enter the best Canadian Universities.

With our campus in Mississauga, Ontario, Beaconhouse has the capacity to meet the demands of students. Due to the ever-increasing competition for university programs in Ontario, students need a learning environment that helps them excel. We have implemented many core practices that produce proven results. A strong testament to this is demonstrated by the fact that a majority of our students were accepted into a university program last year, with most attending universities in Ontario.

We are committed to taking a more academically rigorous approach to education, enabling our graduates to be successful in obtaining offers from the university and program of their choice. We are confident that your Beaconhouse experience will be among your most enjoyable and memorable years.

—Bilal Rashid, Principal

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