Who should register?

  • Students looking for flexibility and choice.
  • Elite athletes whose competition schedule causes them to miss the classes needed to graduate. We make arrangements to ensure that they are able to excel both in their chosen sports as well as academically.
  • Students who travel extensively during the school year and now need to accelerate their academics in order to catch up to classmates and earn the credits needed for university
  • Students who have recently changed their career focus and need to pick up grade 12 credits to meet university requirements
  • Students who need specialized attention in order to achieve academic success
  • Students with IEPs (Individualized Education Plans) or who have identified learning challenges
  • Home schooled students. Home schooling cannot sometimes meet the challenges of senior year courses especially required for University/ College admissions. Beaconhouse online courses provides an alternative where students earn their high school credits towards OSSD and qualify for University/ College admissions.
  • Students missing a credit or a particular credit not being offered at your school.

We provide the expertise in subject matter that a parent may not have as well as a wide variety of University level courses to choose from.

A Prior Learning and Assessment Recognition PLAR process is conducted to ascertain whether credits can be granted for home studies.